2019: A new year with new goals.

Happy New Year, bitches! I can’t believe it is now 2019 which means it’s been SEVEN WHOLE YEARS since I left school, four years since I left university and entered the “real” world, and it’s the year in which I turn 25 and am officially in the X Factor’s “overs” category *sobs*. I feel like I am now an adult, which is truly terrifying.

I always like to enter the New Year with a focus. Call me a cliché, but creating small and (hopefully) achievable goals at the start of the year really helps me to keep focused, and with a certain someone adventuring over on the other side of the world for the majority of 2019, I definitely need something to keep time ticking away.

I usually enter the year with a solid plan of action; I know what I want to do and when I want to do it, but 2018 was such a massive year of change that I really don’t know what to expect over these next twelve months and that scares me. It actually took me a while to sit down and write this post, which is quite strange considering I am a girl who always has a plan, but now I’m totally ready to kick ass and to take 2019 by the horns!

GOAL 1: Train hard and focus on my nutrition

This is my goal every year and I really upped my regime last year after falling off the bandwagon a little in 2017. I trained hard for the Cardiff Half, which I’m planning on running again this year, and I even got myself a PT as part of a blog collab, which taught me so much about lifting weights and gave me lots of confidence in the gym. I finally felt comfortable in my body again and want to continue to look after myself well in 2019.

My goal this year is to keep running regularly. I absolutely loved running last year. It was my time and I really enjoyed the sense of clarity it gave. I would bloody love to beat my Half Marathon PB. Sub 2 hours would be amazing but that would mean knocking 15 whole minutes off which I’m not sure is feasible; but it’s something to work on nevertheless! I’d love to book myself onto some more 10km runs too. I find they are a great way to focus and to give you something to train for. And could this be the year that I finally pluck up the courage to join a running club? I think I’d quite like the social aspect, and it would spur me on a little too.

I also want to get back into a bit of a healthy eating regime again – I mean, doesn’t everyone after Christmas? I felt like last year I had a really healthy relationship with food. I ate well for the majority of the time but didn’t mind treating myself now and again, and I feel much better because of it.

GOAL 2: Be more spontaneous and get some travels booked in

It’s no secret that I’m a homebody. I love routine, I like knowing what I’m doing and when, and I just love being in control of situations. But this year I really want to push myself to be more spontaneous, and I want to do that through travel.

Over the last two years I’ve realised that I absolutely love visiting new places, and my trip to Canada last year really fuelled that. I love exploring, being outdoors, trying new things, learning about different cultures, and mostly taking photos and making memories. I just need to pluck up the confidence to go away and visit new places, instead of worrying about taking time off work and spending money. I work really bloody hard and save really well, so now that I am settled in a good job and have my flat, I want to enjoy myself more and tick some places off my 20 places I want to visit before I turn 30 list.

I feel I’ve already started to embrace this goal, as on New Year’s Day I booked a city break to Prague for my 25th birthday at the end of the month, and I’m also hoping to visit New Zealand in May (both not on my 20 before 30 list, but it’s two new countries ticked off!). The trip to the Southern Hemisphere would be a huge deal for me (I’ve never even been on a plane by myself before, and I’ve only ever been long haul to Canada), but it would be such an amazing experience and I’d get to spend it with a pretty good egg too, so I know it would be incredible. I’d also like to visit more places around the UK too, such as Yorkshire, Liverpool and Snowdonia. Solo travel is something I’d like to do eventually, but I’m not quite sure I have the confidence for it just yet.

GOAL 3: Progress in my career

My career is always my main focus, and while I’m planning lots of exciting things to do with my time next year, I want to ensure I progress within the industry and will continue to work really hard. I’ve been working in my current role for a year now, so feel I’ve found my feet and would ideally like to get another “credit” (ie. work on another programme) at some point this year.

GOAL 4: Change up my blog and grow my Instagram

I wrote a lot last year about how I felt my blogging “niche” had moved away from beauty and fashion to lifestyle, and I want to continue to work on that side of things this year on my little space on the web. It will be my 6th (what!!) year of blogging, and I feel like travel, lifestyle, and outdoorsy sort of posts are the way forward for me, with a few snaps of what I’m wearing along the way. They seem to be the most popular content for me, and it’s also the sort of thing I enjoy creating the most. I am thinking of changing up my blog name, as I don’t really cover beauty anymore, and I’d love to know what you’d like to see more of content-wise also, so leave your thoughts below.

I feel like 2018 was a really positive year in many ways, and it taught me so much about myself as a person and about what I want to do and how I want to live my life. I cut out toxic people and situations, I worked hard on myself, I said “no” to things I didn’t want to do, and I finally feel settled. 2019 is all about saying “yes” to new projects and experiences. I’m rather excited to see where things go, and while I don’t have much of a solid plan, maybe this more spontaneous approach to life is the way forward.

What are your goals for 2019?

Lots of love. xoxo



  1. Jessica
    January 3, 2019 / 12:57 pm

    What amazing goals! I am very jealous of you going to New Zealand as that is somewhere I've dreamt of going myself!xoxoJessThe Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

    • Jessie-Ann Lewis
      January 5, 2019 / 8:08 am

      Thank you – I just hope I make it there haha! xx

  2. Mandy Paulino
    January 3, 2019 / 6:05 pm

    I agree with everything!!Visit me back 🙂 mandyshareslife.com

    • Jessie-Ann Lewis
      January 5, 2019 / 8:08 am

      Thanks x

  3. Dena-Jayne McGuinness
    January 3, 2019 / 8:07 pm

    I really want to be more spontaneous too! I want to travel more, but within the UK this year. Theres so many places I haven't yet seen!Dena ox | DenaJayne | Bloglovin

    • Jessie-Ann Lewis
      January 5, 2019 / 8:08 am

      I know, there are so many places in the UK I'm yet to visit! xx

  4. Shannon Boyce
    January 3, 2019 / 10:33 pm

    I also love to start the new year with a sense of focus. It is wonderful to take this time and really pay attention to areas that you want to work on. I find it so helpful! Wishing you all the best this year :)the-creationofbeauty.blogspot.com

    • Jessie-Ann Lewis
      January 5, 2019 / 8:09 am

      It really is a perfect time to make plans and change! Thanks Shannon, and you. xx

  5. Gemma Louise
    January 4, 2019 / 12:40 pm

    So many fab goals here, I'm working on visiting more places on my bucket list too!Gemma Louise

    • Jessie-Ann Lewis
      January 5, 2019 / 8:09 am

      Thanks lovely, best of luck with your goals 🙂 xx

  6. katymitten
    January 4, 2019 / 1:16 pm

    Sounds like some amazing goals you have here – especially the travel plans! Here's to a fun 2019 for you 🙂 xwww.littlewinter.net

    • Jessie-Ann Lewis
      January 5, 2019 / 8:09 am

      Thank you Katy! 🙂 I hope you have a great 2019 too xx

  7. Chloe Louise
    January 4, 2019 / 1:30 pm

    These are such positive self-development goals! Good luck with them hun!Chloe X http://chloelxuise.com

    • Jessie-Ann Lewis
      January 5, 2019 / 8:10 am

      Thanks Chloe, and happy new year! 🙂 xx

  8. Jasmin Charlotte
    January 5, 2019 / 2:13 pm

    Woo a trip to NZ would be amazing! These sound like great goals for a year ahead x

  9. Kemi
    January 5, 2019 / 2:46 pm

    HNY – best of luck with these goals! My blog has also shifted more to the lifestyle segment as I've gotten older – suits me way better than for e.g. beauty haha http://skylish.co.uk

  10. Primrose Bigwood
    January 7, 2019 / 3:18 pm

    Love this, always find it so interesting hearing about others goals! All the best for the new year! xhttps://www.stylepetal.co.uk/

  11. Sasha 24
    January 7, 2019 / 11:46 pm

    Hope you achieve your goals!Love xxwww.sasha24official.blogspot.com/

  12. February 15, 2019 / 12:06 pm

    What amazing goals girl – I’m sure you’re going to smash them! We obviously only see what you put on social but you seem like a very determined and confident gal so you can do this 😀 Fingers crossed for career progression, how could would another TV show be! xx

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