Review | Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Kiss EDT.

Anyone else look forward to picking up some bits up in duty free at the airport almost as much as they look forward to jetting off to an exotic destination? I absolutely love nosing around the shops in the departure lounge before catching my flight, and my recent trip to Lanzarote was no exception. This time I picked up this beautifully packaged perfume by Marc Jacobs, and it’s safe to say I love it. 

I particularly like choosing a new perfume to wear whilst on holiday, because then whenever I wear it I am reminded of the amazing time I had. (Vera Wang’s Princess Night EDT, for instance, always takes me back to drinking pints – yes, PINTS – of Jager and Red Bull whilst getting ready to go out in Magaluf. Oh, to be a young and foolish 18-year-old again!) It’s funny how a fragrance brings back so many memories. I also opted to choose the Daisy Dream Kiss Edition EDT because it looks just as good as it smells, and works perfectly with the decor in my bedroom. Perfume bottles make the perfect little trinkets for adding a little colour and personality to your interior. 

This particular fragrance is a little more fruity than the original Daisy perfume, with blackcurrant, pink grapefruit and pineapple top notes. It’s then mixed with more floral heart notes of white freesia, jasmine petals and tart raspberry, which I feel give it that likening to the original Daisy scent, as well as cedar wood, skin musk and ambrox bottom notes, to soften the sweetness. Overall, it’s light, feminine and the perfect summer fragrance. 

It also has great lasting power, which is something that I always hope for when choosing a new fragrance. I hate when you spritz it in the morning and the scent just wears off or starts to go all sickly smelling as the day goes on, especially as perfumes can be so freaking expensive. The Daisy Dream Kiss Edition EDT keeps its scent brilliantly, and as you don’t have to continually top it up throughout the day it’s sure to last through the end of the summer months and beyond. 

What is your favourite summer fragrance? 

Lots of love. xoxo


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