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Around this time last year I decided to drastically change up my skincare regime. I was suffering dreadfully with a bad course of acne and using a cleanser to simply remove my makeup at night just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I started using Clinique’s Anti Blemish Solutions range, which was recommended to me after a skincare consultation at Debenhams, and since then I’ve tried and tested a range of Clinique‘s skincare products and am yet to find one that hasn’t worked wonders!

The newest addition to my ever-growing Clinique skincare collection is the All About Eyes eye cream. I’ve never really been one to try out eye creams, if I’m honest. I’m only 22 so the crows feet wrinkles aren’t quite forming yet, and I’ve always been quite lucky with the fact that the bags under my eyes aren’t too visible (unless, of course, I’m a little under the weather or partied a little too hard the night before). However, when I received this little gem as part of a free gift set when stocking up on my Clinique favourites I couldn’t resist trying it out. 

The size of this pot is a lot smaller as it’s just a sample tester, but I couldn’t help but notice how long it lasts. I believe I got this product just before Christmas, and only this week I ran out, so it’s a really useable product and you definitely get your value for money. The product itself is silky soft and smooth in consistency and a little really goes a long way. I dip the tip of my ring finger into the product and apply under the eyes and over the eyelids twice a day as part of my ritual skincare regime. I usually apply it straight after moisturising my whole face so my skin feels lovely and nourished. 

The feeling on the eyes is really gorgeous. It’s quite soothing actually and as it’s light, with a cream-gel formula, the product sinks directly into the skin really quickly so that your eyes aren’t left feeling super sticky after over-moisturising. Immediately after using your eyes feel really soft, yet more alert. and I feel like using this eye cream is a great way to freshen up the eyes and get you started for the day ahead, and even more so to soothe tired eyes before bed time. 

I honestly have seen such a difference since using the All About Eyes eye cream, and this is something I never even noticed before using. You know that sunken area under the eyes where dark circles and bags often form? Since using this product this area looks and feels so much fuller and brighter. In fact, one evening I forgot to use it before bed and woke up the next morning to find my eyes looking super tired and actually quite dark under the waterline. I feel like this product plumps the skin under the eyes to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles, yet the lightweight formula doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily or greasy – an absolute bonus for someone with oily, spot-prone skin like myself. 

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is fairly new to experimenting with skincare, and especially if you’re after a lightweight product that will help to replenish the eyes. I’ve noticed such an incredible difference since I started using it just two months ago. I’ve been scouring the web and having a nosey at reviews and have noticed that some ladies – most of whom are a little older than myself – like to use something a little heavier at night, but I find that this is just perfect for my skin type, and would encourage anyone looking for a new skincare saviour to give it a try. 

Have you tried this product?

What is your favourite eye cream?

Lots of love, 

Jessie. xoxo

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  1. Layla Sprinkles
    February 17, 2016 / 10:52 am

    I've used the laser eye cream – I can't remember the full name of it and I saw a difference too! Clinique is wonderful when it comes to skincare for around the eyes, serums and targeting areas – love them so will look at this one too! :)Layla xx

    • Jessie-Ann Lewis
      February 20, 2016 / 3:19 pm

      Ooh I haven't heard of this one! I'll be sure to check it out. xx

  2. La Coco Noire
    February 17, 2016 / 12:05 pm

    Never used an eye cream before but have been looking into getting one since speaking to a dermatologist. This one looks lush and I love all of the Clinique packaging anyway. xx

    • Jessie-Ann Lewis
      February 20, 2016 / 3:19 pm

      Ooh you should try. I never realised the benefit until I tried this one. xx

  3. Lisa
    February 17, 2016 / 2:01 pm

    I've been thinking about giving this a go for such a long time! My undereye area is ridiculously dry and I suffer from super dark circles, too. The only product which has helped with the dryness so far has been the Nivea cream in the blue tub, but that is a little heavy for my morning routine, so I think I'm going to give this a try! :)Lisa x

    • Jessie-Ann Lewis
      February 20, 2016 / 3:19 pm

      I think this would really help you Lisa.. Give it a go and let me know wha you think 🙂 xx

  4. Shannon Boyce
    February 17, 2016 / 3:23 pm

    Thank you for the review on this! I have a lot of Clinique products and I love them so much….and am always on the hunt for an eye cream that actually works!

    • Jessie-Ann Lewis
      February 20, 2016 / 3:20 pm

      You're welcome Shannon, I'm glad you liked it! xx

  5. Emily Knott
    February 17, 2016 / 4:45 pm

    I think it's great that you've seen such a difference. I've always found eye creams are glorified moisturisers in a little pots or tubes! Might have to pick up a tester. Emily

    • Jessie-Ann Lewis
      February 20, 2016 / 3:21 pm

      I always thought that too but I really have noticed such a change. xx

  6. Jodie Moores
    February 17, 2016 / 8:28 pm

    I feel like I need an eye cream but I've never really seen a difference with ones I've used before so I've just given up.. Amazing that you've seen such a good difference!

    • Jessie-Ann Lewis
      February 20, 2016 / 3:21 pm

      I had never really used one before so didn't realise how much I would need it! xx

    • Jessie-Ann Lewis
      February 20, 2016 / 3:21 pm

      I really love the brand. xx

    • Jessie-Ann Lewis
      February 20, 2016 / 3:21 pm

      I agree! : ) xx

  7. Rachael Broomfield
    February 18, 2016 / 2:02 pm

    I'm currently using this too! It's the sort of thing I didn't realise I needed until I had it. My eyes have been really sore recently with the cold weather and since using this on a daily basis they have been fine! I've had my trial size for a good month or so and it's still going strong. You've got to love Clinique!Rachael at

    • Jessie-Ann Lewis
      February 20, 2016 / 3:18 pm

      It's amazing what a difference you see! Glad I'm not the only one seeing a change : ) xx

  8. Adaleta
    February 23, 2016 / 4:26 am

    I may need to recommend this to my boyfriend, as he's got some under eye problems! 😉 xx

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