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For those of you who don’t know – seriously I’m shocked if you don’t because I bang on about it all the time – I am currently studying a Masters Degree in Magazine Journalism. It’s a really fantastic course and I’m thoroughly enjoying every aspect of it, but I particularly love the creative, more practical side. This term the class has been split into two groups and each group has to create their very own magazine, in both print and digital, which is all so exciting. We had to pitch an idea at the start of the term and the course lecturers have chosen mine and my friend’s idea to be made into a real product, which is a home and DIY decor magazine for young urban dwellers.

We’ve decided to call the mag Urban Chic and I’ve been really enjoying looking at different home and interior design styles, so today I thought I would share with you a mini mood board, in collaboration with Fishpools*, showcasing exactly what our magazine is all about. Think minimalistic, Scandinavian style with pops of bright colour and mirrors that help to open up the space – that’s the kind of living room I would love to live in. Minimal yet super cosy, with lots of rugs and cosy blankets too and of course, a gorgeous comfy sofa. Fishpools have some gorgeous sofas to choose from!

This also comes at the perfect time because this time next year I am hoping and praying I will have  my very first journalism job and my own little space with Dan. We can’t really start planning too much yet as I have no idea where I’ll be working, what I’ll be doing and where we’ll be living, but it’s always nice to have a little look around and see what kind of style you’d like to go for.

Fishpools Felix Fabric Corner Sofa – this is my ideal type of sofa. It looks so cosy, yet seriously stylish and the corner style is perfect for utilising the most of your space and giving yourself a little extra relaxation room in the process. I also love the light grey colour as it fits with so many colour palettes – you could spruce up the room several times using different accessories and bright pops of colour and the sofa would still take pride of place. I really love how this one is styled with burnt orange accessories, so I decided to keep this theme with the rest of the mood board too.

Debenhams Ben de Lisi Silver Dog Ornament – I just love this little French Bulldog ornament. It’s seriously adorable and the silver works perfectly with the room’s colour scheme too! I think it adds a quirky twist to the room and still fits the minimalist theme.

John Lewis Lockhart Floor Lamp – this chrome lamp fits with the minimalist style perfectly. I love the simplistic structure, with the trio of legs, and the glamorous faux silk lamp shade. Again this is a statement piece that won’t go out of style and will suit every colour scheme imaginable. 

Next Orange Texture Weave Cushion – burnt orange is such a gorgeous shade for a living room. I think it’s really cosy and works well throughout the year, from summer sunsets to the crisp leaves of autumn. This cushion would look particularly fabulous placed on the sofa. I love how the orange works so nicely with the light grey shade.

Next Decorative Metal Lantern – although I’m a fan of the minimalist interior style, cosy elements are absolutely essential for any living room in my opinion, and what better way than pretty candles and lights? This decorative metal lantern is lovely. It would really make a statement and adds a little exotic feel to the room I believe.

Next Set of Neroli Blossomed Votive – and now for some cute little candles to place in the lantern. These are ideal for making your house a home and will leave your room feeling absolutely gorgeous too. The top notes include a zesty orange, with neroli blossom at the heart and musk at the base. A really deep, yet delightful, home fragrance.

Next Charcoal Glisten Cushion – it’s so fluffy! I love fluffy, snuggly cushions. Great for resting your head and cosying up to watch a film after a busy day! I think using different textures for your accessories can also really help to bring a room to life.

John Lewis Peony Magnolia in Grey Vase – I love pretty flowers to add a little feminine touch to a room, and I think these suit the chosen theme perfectly. With a dark metallic ceramic vase and hand made individual flowers, these are a beautiful addition, and they save you having to get more and more each week!

White Gardenia Yankee Candle – can you tell yet that I love candles? If I had endless amounts of cash I would probably have about 74 candles in each room; I just love them! And Yankee Candles are my absolute favourite. They just smell so good and they are super long lasting too, leaving a lovely fragrance. I think the White Gardenia would fit perfectly in this room.

How would you like to decorate your living room?

Lots of love, 

Jessie. xoxo

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* This was a sponsored post  but all content 

was chosen and created by myself. 

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  1. Kathryn Jamshidi
    February 6, 2016 / 4:03 pm

    I love everything on this mood board; I would seriously purchase it all if I could!

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