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Despite there being hundreds of beauty boxes for us bloggers to buy I’ve never actually subscribed to any. While I love reading posts and seeing what each box offers, a lucky dip of products doesn’t quite appeal to me as I like to know what I’m spending my hard earned money on. However, when I saw that the lovely Vicky was creating the Blogger Beauty Box I decided to give the whole thing a whirl. 

I was rather impressed with this cute little box when it arrived. It came in a white box with the Blogger Beauty Box logo on the lid and the products were neatly wrapped in pink tissue paper, which I loved. It also featured five products which I know I will actually use which is a good thing for me. I was worried there would be lots of skincare products that wouldn’t suit my skin type, but these are products that will suit almost everyone.

Cover Up Buttercup SPF 15 Natural Moisturiser – R.R.P £24.90

The first product that caught my eye was this sun protection moisturiser from Moogoo. I’ve tried a few products from this Australian brand in the past and have always been impressed by the quality and bountiful natural ingredients packed into their products. This SPF 15 cream can be used as a daily moisturiser and is ideal for adults and babies alike. It will also provide four hours of sun protection for those who usually burn within fifteen minutes. 

I really like the feel of the cream as it is nice and thick and blends nicely into the skin, leaving it feeling supple and silky smooth. A little really does go a long way and I can see this tube lasting me a life time, but unfortunately it’s not very fragrant and I’m not the biggest fan of the smell. I personally like using body butters and creams that leave me smelling like a bowl of fruit. However, despite the smell, this will be very handy for moisturising and looking after my skin whilst on holiday!

 W7 Eyelust Mascara- R.R.P £4.95

I have tried many mascaras in my time and am always on the hunt for something new to add to my stash, so was very pleased to see this in the Blogger Beauty Box. I firstly found it quite difficult to use as the wand brush is really round and thick, but I’ve been using it for a few days now and find it gets easier to use with time, although I do prefer something a little more vampy and with lots of volume. This is great for separating the natural lashes and for giving an understated look but I like to use a little MAC In Extreme Dimension mascara over the top to really accentuate the lashes. 

W7 Fluorescent Kiss Lipstick – R.R.P £4.95

I am a huge fan of bold and bright lipsticks so this was a great addition for me. It’s super bright and really lives up to its fluorescent name. I’m unsure if it would be for everyone’s tastes but as a vibrant lipstick lover I think it’s great!

Timeless Truth Bio Cellulose Face Mask – R.R.P £7 (approx.)

I’m yet to try this product but after doing a little research I am so excited to give this mask a go and think it would be perfect for a pamper evening. This particular one is used to combat the first signs of ageing, by using serum to penetrate lines and wrinkles. I’m not quite at the wrinkle stage yet at 21, but it’s never too early to start working on anti-ageing! 

Dusty Girls Pacific Shimmer Lipgloss – R.R.P £7 (approx.)

Finally, we move on to the lipgloss, which comes from Moogoo’s sister range Dusty Girls – a natural beauty brand to work alongside their skincare range. I’ve never been a massive fan of glosses as I hate when my hair blows in the wind and gets stuck to my lips, but this shimmer will be lovely to add a little sparkle over some nude shades in the summer and in the lead up to Christmas. It comes in some really sweet packaging (probably my favourite thing about Dusty Girls apart from the ingredients) and it contains ingredients to moisturise and nourish the lips when using it. 

All in all, I was really impressed with the high quality products we received from the Beauty Blogger Box. I paid just £10 to receive all of these products, most of which are almost £10 each or in some cases way above. If you’re looking to try some unique products from innovative, up and coming brands I would definitely give the Beauty Blogger Box a go! For more information follow the Beauty Blogger Box on Twitter here or visit the website to register.

What beauty boxes have you tried?

Lots of love, 

Jessie. xoxo

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  1. Lauren Selwood
    August 21, 2015 / 11:34 am

    This beauty box looks fab, defs worth a go by the looks of it!Lauren

    August 21, 2015 / 12:03 pm

    I'm always so hesitant about beauty boxes but looks like you're impressed! If only we had something as equally good here in Australia haha!

  3. Tasmin Lofthouse
    August 22, 2015 / 5:41 pm

    I've seen so many good things about the Blogger Beauty Box. You've definitely got some good things here! It's a shame you weren't a fan of the MooGoo scent, but at least it'll still come in super handy. Your post reminded me that I actually have some moogoo products to try…oops! I agree with you about the Dusty Girls packaging. It's the most adorable thing ever, I have one of these lipglosses. Whilst, like you, I'm not a lipgloss fan I was overjoyed by the lovely shade of the lipgloss, packaging and ethos from this brand :)xxxTasmin | Grandiose Days

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